Ouroboros, Metallic – Large Silk Scarf

1.1m x 1.1m, Satin Georgette

Embrace your inner serpent with this stunning satin scarf! 

Ouroboros, the ancient symbol of eternity and creation forms a stunning chainmail effect of shimmering scales and piercing eyes on this hypnotic and intense silk scarf.

This is symbolism but symbolism with teeth. Crisp geometric shapes drape elegantly round the neck and body in a gleaming palette of precious metals that looks beyond price.

Designed in the UK, and made entirely in the UK.

A mesmerising, metallic silk foulard that you could stare at for hours. The decorative snakes that eat their own tail take inspiration from the ancient symbol of Ouroboros which dates back to the very earliest civilisations.

We have chosen silk satin georgette with a divinely soft and sensual drape. The satin gives the precious metals a real sheen. It picks up the light as if you are wearing platinum, bronze and gold round your neck.

This luxury accessory is 1.1m x 1.1m giving you plenty to play with. There are more than 50 ways to wear a silk square so why not have a go.

We have sourced the finest print specialists in the UK and consequently our scarves are truly double sided. Each item is finished with great care and a hand-rolled hem. This gives an artisanal look and feel and added weight which helps the scarf drape while wearing it.

The scarves come in an exquisite branded box. This is a high quality fashion accessory made with 100% silk.

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