Selim's Hammer – Ardennes, Large Silk Scarf


A shimmering green silk scarf featuring antique Ottoman flintlock pistols nestling in an arabesque of roses

110cm x 110cm – Silk Twill – Hand-rolled Hems

Discover four exquisitely decorated Ottoman pistols amidst the swirls of luxurious silk. This luxury, british-made accessory is inspired by the myth of 'Selim's Hammer' – a weapon of supposed invincible power that belonged to Sultan Selim III. The guns are almost hidden amongst a hexagonal pattern of chartreuse, lemon yellow and emerald roses inspired by the Damascus Tiles. This glamorous designer silk accessory with its vibrant greens and contrasting purple hem explores beauty and violence and the relationship between man and nature in stunning printed detail.  

Command the paparazzi on the red carpet or add a touch of exotic to a more dressed down look. This unique scarf would look great with a neutral outfit or pick out details in green, purple or yellow.  

In terms of size this is a generous silk square which will drape well and can be worn round the neck, head or shoulders or even as a sarong if your feeling decadent.

Our hand-rolled silk scarves are printed and hemmed in the England and come in branded presentation cases so they can be kept in pristine condition.

Furious Goose is a luxury British accessories brand for those who dare to be different. Our motto is 'Dress like an aristocrat... Accessorise like an anarchist!"

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