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‘We’re All Going to Die’, Pucci – Large Silk Scarf

1.1m x 1.1m, Satin Georgette

Remember… We’re All Going to Die…

This is a truly stunning Day of the Dead sugar skull silk scarf.

The design is inspired by the intimate details of lingerie and tattoos of Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls. Far from being a symbol of sadness or fear, the Sugar Skull (or Calavera) is a celebratory offering for a departed loved one and a life well lived. Remember we are all going to die one day so seize the moment and enjoy life... in glorious technicolour.

Designed in the UK. Made in the UK.

The vintage Pucci inspired colours come to life in the lustrous satin, changing appearance in every light. In the evening the scarf smoulders… in sunlight it is almost fluorescent. This is a luxurious scarf which can be worn as evening wear or to add a bit of something special to daywear.

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As seen in House of Coco

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