Cosmic Ouroboros – Ultramarine and Gold


The perfection of the cosmos in a pocket square?

Art Deco silk meets contemporary Chinoiserie in a gorgeous and rich combination of ultramarine and gold. Ouroboros (the snake eating its own tail) is the beginning and end of the cosmos. So, is this the pocket square to end all luxury pocket squares?

This intense, unique and contemporary pochette is adorned with a decorative and symbolic snake and a cosmic explosion pattern and line. This colourway will turn heads and compliments both dark and light suits.

This silk square is 42cm giving you plenty of beautiful fabric to play with. It's large enough to wear as a neckerchief or even to wrap round your favourite hat.

We've finished our pocket squares with great care and a hand-rolled hem giving a luxurious feel and that classic chunky and distinctive edge.

All of our luxury accessories are designed, printed and hand finished in the UK. 

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