Top Surgery


A summer-drenched and celebratory striped pocket square in red, white, turquoise, yellow, pink and blue. The design features a young FrankenTaylor chilling out on a Floridian beach while healing from his hard-won top surgery. 

The artist says, "The best day of my life was April 17th, 8 years ago. Seeing my new chest for the first time was the happiest moment I ever had with myself. I had a lot less tattoos at the time but the ones on my chest I was so worried about being affected by surgery. Only one tattoo was a little warped (which I ended up fixing a few years later with a cover up) but everything was worth the risk and my surgeons were magicians. If you want to see my top surgery reveal you can here » ".

This silk square is 42cm giving you plenty to play with. Great in the pocket, it's also large enough to wear as a neckerchief or even to wrap round your favourite hat. Each pocket square is finished with a gorgeous hand-rolled hem giving a luxurious feel and that classic chunky and distinctive edge.

3D glasses come with every What's the T accessory

The artist carefully designs his paintings to transform when viewed through red and blue 3D glasses, perfectly illustrating the binary pink and blue world he grew up in. 

Made in the UK.

Comes with a branded presentation box AND a pair of 3D glasses.

Free shipping in the UK!! Spend over £250 for free international delivery.

Working under the alias 'FrankenTaylor' I have been telling the story of my transition from female to male. Growing up as a queer teenager in the Bible Belt of Tennessee, life was not ideal. But instead of telling a story about depression and struggle my story is more of a celebration, although told with dark humour.

FrankenTaylor with luxury pocket square

All my recent work is designed to transform when viewed with red and blue 3D glasses. This was a happy accident, discovered by chance, but meant to be as it perfectly illustrates the binary world of pink and blue that I grew up in and how different things can look when viewed through a different lens.

Patrick Morrison, Director of Furious Goose and Taylor Bystrom

My mission as an artist is to create a world of transparency and acceptance where people are free to live unafraid to be their authentic selves. My work is all about the self-made decisions that have paved my personal road to happiness. I want to tell my story so future generations do not grow up the way that I did.

Recent Exhibitions:

  • July 2019 – Solo show “Toil & Joy” at Provoke Gallery, San Francisco, California
  • April 2019 – Group show “It’s Waning Towards New Moon” at Ben Oakley Gallery, London
  • August 2017 – Solo show at Flagstaff Modern and Contemporary Gallery, Flagstaff, Arizona

Recent Accolades:

  • Currently enrolled in Goldsmiths University of London in the Masters in Fine Art degree
  • Featured in the Summer 2018 issue of School Arts Magazine, pages 25-28
  • April 2017 – Received a Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities & Colleges Award
  • March 2017 – Invited as a guest artist for the auction at the Human Rights Campaign Nashville Gala
  • March 2017 – Featured in The Lumberjack-Flagstaff, Arizona newspaper publication


Instagram: @highfashionhockey

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