Street Art, Melbourne Riot – Pure Silk Pocket Square


Taste a rainbow of rebellion with the Melbourne Riot pocket square from the Street Art collection

42cm x 42cm – Silk Twill – Hand-rolled Hems

A kaleidoscopic and riotous pochette that was captured from the graffiti mecca that is Hosier Lane in Melbourne, Australia. This is a gem of a pocket square which will brighten up any outfit and even your entire day.

Gorgeous in a dark jacket, eye-popping in tweed and to die for in a paler blazer, it boasts a multicoloured, hand-rolled hem which creates a rainbow effect when folded in the pocket. Even the thread changes colour... epic needlework skills! 

An anonymous patch of Hosier Lane wall has been photographed and then gloriously recoloured before being housed in a decorative frame inspired by the trelliswork of the traditional Victorian era verandas that are so famous in Australia.

To see the awesome little street where our scarf was captured (although the original work is almost certainly covered over by new layers by now) here is a Google Streetview.


The Melbourne Riot designer accessory is 42cm x 42cm allowing you to really play with this pure silk pocket square achieving fantastic folds. It is large enough to wear as a neckerchief or even to wrap round your favourite summer hat. We have finished our luxury pocket squares with great care and a hand-rolled hem. This gives our squares a luxury look and feel and that classic chunky and distinctive edge.

Our pocket squares are made in the UK and come in branded presentation cases so they can be kept in pristine condition.

Free shipping in the UK!!

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