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Furious Goose launches Pocket Square collection at William & Son, Mayfair

Furious Goose are pleased to announce our inaugural partnership with William & Son, one of the finest luxury shopping destinations in Mayfair.

Pocket Squares UK, Mayfair, Luxury Pocket Square, Silk Scarf, London

William & Son has a particular and definitively British take on the finest things in life. Founded in 1999 by William Asprey, a seventh generation member of the Asprey family, the company creates and curates collections of the finest jewellery and timepieces, silk accessories, leather goods and silver and glassware as well as kit and tackle for elegant penmanship and gamesmanship. 

“For a pocket square found nowhere else in Mayfair”

Furious Goose has been working with the team at Bruton Street for a number of months, fine-tuning our first collection designed specifically for William & Son and inspired by the woodland creatures of the English countryside. ‘Enchanted Forest’ is an exuberant series of the finest silk pocket squares and larger ladies’ foulards including a trio of hares, a pair of stags and a duo of fighting foxes. Each comes in three sumptuous styles; ‘Day’, ‘Sunset’ and ‘Night’ bringing a riot of colour to the shop floor.

“We’re excited and delighted to welcome Patrick and his fabulous brand, Furious Goose to William & Son. The eclectic and innovative style adds bold, bright colour to our collection and the Enchanted Forest theme sits perfectly alongside both our town and country clothing.”

With future collections already being planned and the William & Son press day coming up it’s definitely going to be an exciting new partnership. Watch this space! And if you are in need of gift inspiration and in Mayfair then pop into the store. You never know what you’ll find!

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