Our sustainability promise

The word "Sustainable" is often bandied around so we thought we would explain exactly what we are doing to make our brand as low impact as possible and where we would like to improve.

Furious Goose Tree Planting Initiative

1. We make our accessories from biodegradable fabrics such as silk and wool which means no plastic waste or micro-fibres going into our oceans or land.

2. We do not follow the ins and outs of what's on-trend this week and we do not churn out collections because the industry demands two "drops" a year. Our artworks are carefully crafted as heirloom pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation rather than being discarded after a few seasons. We are the very opposite of fast fashion. 

3. We use digital textile printing technology. This uses less water, generates less waste, and reduces the need for toxic chemicals when compared to large scale traditional printing methods. With precise colour matching it allows us to reduce sampling by printing with greater consistency and often on the first attempt.

4. We produce all of our products in the UK (despite the cost), which significantly reduces our carbon footprint. International shipping as an industry is responsible for around 3% of greenhouse gas emissions. 

5. Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard here in the UK.

This is all great... however, we acknowledge that no manufacturing process is entirely impact-free.

6. To offset this small environmental impact, we have pledged to plant one tree for every purchase made on our website. 

We have partnered with Ecologi.com, an organisation that provides solutions to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change including their tree planting mission. These programmes are world-class and create verified social good as well as environmental benefits.  We've already planted over 350 trees... Check out our forest and a few pictures of where our trees have been planted by local communities.

Social impact

Tree planting Furious Goose

Furious Goose tree planting scheme

What more can we do?

We know that we are a low impact business but we do want to do more. We currently use virgin materials to produce our products. We do this for quality reasons. There is little point producing items that don't have the quality to sell. Otherwise you are simply producing more waste.

We are experimenting with print onto deadstock and reclaimed material (upcycling vintage scarves and even old luxury linen from hotels). And we are looking into circular materials and how we be able to use them. All while maintaining the quality we've become known for. Watch this space!

So go on, you know you want to... get that thing you've been coveting. Every purchase means a new tree is planted!