Sustainable luxury isn't an oxymoron.

Luxury Designer Scarves UK

Waste is one of the worst things in the fashion industry and we are pleased to say that we waste almost nothing because we do not mass produce. We're often asked why our products aren't cheaper and this is one of the main reasons. We do not print thousands of pieces in the knowledge that we will sell at the most 50% of them with the rest being scrapped. We were all shocked to hear about major fashion houses burning excess stock. It's just crazy! We print in small print runs and reorder as and when we need to. 

Wool Pocket Square – Luxury Pocket Square

We are also printed and finished here in the UK. This cuts down massively on shipping and air freight emissions. If you manufacture in China the products often have to fly tens of thousands of miles to and fro before landing on your doorstep.

Our printers are based in Macclesfield and the staff are true textile artists.
The renovated factory is a beautiful place to work and the team are all paid a decent wage. We literally know the team by name and are happy to say that they are as passionate about print as we are. 

To achieve the stunning colours that make a Furious Goose scarf so wonderfully furious they use acid inks for silks/wools and reactive inks for cottons/linens. These are non-toxic water-based inks and no additional harsh chemicals or dyes are used in the process. The directors invested heavily to reconfigure their machines to recycle ink, hugely reducing their environmental impact – They save approx. 4L of ink per day from being washed down the drain.

Luxury Pocket Square, Brighton

The fabrics we use mostly come from a boutique mill in China who supply to all of the top fashion houses in Europe. They have around 30 people working for them and won’t just supply to anyone, instead concentrating on quality not quantity. They too have excellent working conditions.

We print on only natural base cloths such as wool, silk, cotton, linen and velvet. We do not print on any polyesters or polyester blends.

Our products are the opposite of slow fashion  and will to be treasured as family heirlooms rather than thrown away after one season. 

So shop with confidence that a Furious Goose product is not mass-produced, indeed is a rare item, something you can really show off.