Luxury Pocket Squares in UK TV baking extravaganza

Luxury Pocket Squares in UK TV baking extravaganza

HONK HONK! We were so excited to see our 100% British-made,  luxury pocket squares featured on GBBO's Bake Off: The Professionals on Channel 4 this year.

Over the weeks our most flamboyant silk squares decorated host Tom Allen's top pocket amongst the puffs of flour, splatters of tempered chocolate and nests of spun sugar.

Designer Pocket Square UK, Bake Off: The Professionals Pocket Square Tom Allen

When we were asked to be involved we were (of course) delighted as #GBBO is arguably THE best thing in the universe. And Tom Allen is without doubt THE most debonair performer on Earth!

Contemporary Pocket Square UK, Designer, Tom Allen Bake Off: The Professionals

The show was a huge hit with viewing figures over 2 million per episode although totally nerve-wracking to watch as sugar towers collapsed and chocolate balls went awry. At least Tom always looked in control and ever so dapper with his top pocket decorated to perfection. 


Tom Allen's Furious Goose Pocket Square Collection

Luxury Pocket Square UK, As seen on Bake Off: The Professionals, Tom Allen Pochette

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