Shortlisted for a Fashion Scout Award

Shortlisted for a Fashion Scout Award

We were so excited to be shortlisted for a Fashion Scout award last year... 

Which... we didn't win in the end. 

But we are still keen to share this story with you as the very fact that we were shortlisted in the first place is a testament to what we are doing as a brand.

In case you haven't heard of them Fashion Scout is the international showcase for fashion pioneers and the UK's largest independent showcase for emerging and established design talent during London Fashion Week. They are renowned for championing, nurturing and showcasing creative design talent.

The awards (One to Watch and Merit Award) are for the absolute cutting edge of fashion across couture and streetwear and showcase phenomenal new materials, construction techniques and impactful and challenging points of view. 

At Furious Goose we push the often traditional world of silk accessories with our no-holds barred colour, graphic design inspired crisp shapes and uncompromising subject matter. Our strapline says it all... "Accessorise like an Anarchist."

However we do still produce our luxury scarves and pocket squares in the established methods – right down to the hand-rolled edges. Foulards are not renowned for being fashion-forward!

So we were blown away that our little rail of humble (if awesomely coloured) silks held its own amongst all the avant garde, futuristic and downright off-the-wall outfits and full couture constructions we were up against. 

See the competition here... mind-blowing right!

Perhaps next time we'll win! 

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