Four Seasons Collaboration

Four Seasons Collaboration

Contemporary silk accessories inspired by music, data, and nature.

Our latest collection of silk scarves "Requiem for the Four Seasons" took inspiration from pandemic lock-down conversations as we reflected on the fragility of life on this planet.

It was our collaborative explorations with Austrian violinist, composer and UNICEF representative Yury Revich which crystallised the extent to which nature can be reflected through art and music. Nowhere has that marriage of environment and art been more evocatively expressed than in Vivaldi's 18th century concerto “The Four Seasons” which Yury plays so beautifully and is a Furious Goose favourite.

Yury Revich

The discussion turned to how Vivaldi's concerto would sound if written in today’s world. With our increasingly unstable weather patterns, can we even say that we still have four distinct seasons? How would this new music take form if expressed in the bold colours and beautiful prints which are synonymous with Furious Goose? The concept for the collection was born.

The subsequent metamorphosis from sound to silk was achieved by visually hacking the data from a digital recording of Yury playing the Four Seasons. The sound spectrogram that we manipulated to create the designs was coded by data scientist Pranath Fernando at

For the geek chic amongst you, here's the spectrogram we used:

Spectrogram of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi

This is data generated from Yury playing motifs from the Four Seasons on a priceless Stradivarius from 1709 – which is even older than the concerto itself. This marriage of 21st century data and 18th century sounds has created the most exquisite, conversation-starting silk scarves and ribbon scarves.

It's a collection of gloriously genderless prints, colours and textures with four designs and colourways: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter that capture the very essence of the changing seasons.

The large square scarves (95cm x 95cm) are the ideal formal or informal companion piece while the luxurious lavallieres (9cm x 160cm) are beautiful worn as a bow, neck-tie or bag decoration.

✓ Gloriously genderless designs
✓ Data-driven geek chic
✓ Superb print & hand rolled hems
✓ Tree planted for every order
✓ Made in the UK
✓ Free delivery to the UK

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