Furious Goose named one of the top scarf makers in the UK

Furious Goose named one of the top scarf makers in the UK

We are delighted to be featured in the top luxury scarf brands in the UK on Make It British's website

Furious Goose was founded with the understanding, from the outset, that to make an impression in a crowded market and to beat the big-name brands we had to:

A: Design something bold and different to the usual designer scarves;

B: Strive to be at the top of the game in terms of print and quality and;

C: Make in the UK with all the ethical benefits that brings.

Luxury silk scarves don't have to be boring

It was surprisingly hard to get the kind of quality that we knew we needed, taking over a year and a lot of attempts to get it right. But now we are pleased to say that our print is some of the best that the UK (or even world) can offer. Although digitally printed (which allows for limitless colours and stunning gradients) we manage to achieve near 100% penetration to the back of the scarf – so important when wearing. This kind of double sided finish is normally associated with traditional screen-print technique.

Designer scarves made in the UK

While it is much more expensive to manufacture in Britain we feel that the benefits to us and to our customers are worth it. So let's celebrate all the scarf brands who make in the UK – we are a close knit bunch so Furious Goose is in great company.

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