Furious Goose featured in Christie's International Real Estate Magazine

London Calling – Hot off the press

We're thrilled to appear in Christie's International Real Estate's magazine, "London Calling," alongside some truly remarkable Londoners who call this city home.

Christie's International Real Estate Magazine

Our journey to London over the past year has been a joy and it's an honour to be featured alongside such illustrious individuals, having only just landed so to speak.

In September 2022, we moved Furious Goose up from Brighton, drawn by London's inspiration, culture, and vibrancy. We've been welcomed warmly and we've found almost everyone to be friendly and open to making new connections.

We are known making probably the most colourful of silk scarves and pocket squares in the UK. The 'Furious' signifies bold colours and design, and the 'Goose' represents luxury and quality. We fit in perfectly to London's diverse fashion scene, where styles cross-pollinate – everything from Savile Row to club kids.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Steven Short for the inclusion. He is a gentleman and a scholar and clearly has great taste!

Furious Goose lead designer featured in Christie's International Real Estate Magazine

London is treating Furious Goose well, with our new shop in The OXO Tower which opens officially on Friday 15th September 2023 as part of London Fashion Week. Come on down and explore Furious Goose's wearable art in person – it's so much more fun to try the pocket squares and scarves on in-store. 

For those searching for exquisite pocket squares and silk scarves in London, Furious Goose offers a unique blend of British design and luxury fabrics. Explore our collection today!

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