Introducing embroidered accessories

Introducing embroidered accessories

We are delighted to introduce a hand-embroidery service to elevate your pocket square or silk scarf from the unusually good to the totally unique. Embroidered monograms are the ultimate status symbol in luxury pocket squares or designer ladies scarves. Ideal as a gift or a treat for you. 

The buzz is all about personalisation these days and this is a simple and traditional method of adding that extra special something to your already luxurious accessory. And, as if you need another reason, by choosing to hand embroider you are keeping alive what is a bit of a dying art. 

There are a range of typefaces that can be selected 'off the shelf'. This is the most price friendly way to do things but, as with everything in this world, anything is possible for a price! The only limit is your imagination... and your wallet!

I you are worried about outsourcing, we have chosen to work with one of the most respected and longest established embroiderers in London so you can rest assured that this is an ethical service. No sweat shops here! 

Personalising accessories can be as simple as adding a two letter monogram (£55 on top of the cost of the accessory) or could be a whole poem or bespoke design. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas and we can give you a quote. 

While embroidery is the most cost effective route to personalising your silks, for more ideas on how to go bespoke check out our bespoke page here. 

We are a firm believer in creating wearable objet d'art rather than fast fashion and a monogrammed accessory will be treasured for life and even handed down to the next generation.

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