The renegade luxury scarf – as worn by Victoria Melody

The renegade luxury scarf – as worn by Victoria Melody

Furious Goose's unique luxury scarves are for those who dare to be different and who think outside the box. And there are none who think more outside the box than performance artist Victoria Melody.

Victoria Melody – Luxury Silk Scarf UK

Victoria immerses herself in different communities and becomes an active participant in their rituals as research for her work. The worlds she has explored so far include pigeon fancying, Northern Soul dancing, beauty pageants, dog shows and funeral directing.

Victoria Melody – Designer Scarf UK

We were chuffed to bits when she chose our scarves to accessories a recent promo photoshoot here in Brighton. It really shines through how much fun there is to be had with silk scarves. And how even the most kick-ass colours still work with fair skin. Don't be faint hearted! Just go for it and spread a bit of joy in the world. 

Day of the Dead Silk Scarf, London

Furious Goose are proud that all of our luxury silk scarves are made in the UK which has allowed us to benefit from a very close relationship with our print house in Macclesfield (the home of English silk). With their patented technique we achieve some of the best colour penetration and crispness that digital print can offer. It's so astonishing that quite frequently we can't tell which is the front or the back! 

Victoria chose some of the most eye-popping silk scarves from several collections in particular Enchanted Forest and the Day of the Dead.

Which will you choose?


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