Foxes – Night, Large Silk Scarf

95cm x 95cm, Silk Twill

In a swirl of chestnut leaves a pair of fighting foxes are boxing with outrageously brushed tails and with a glint in their eyes. This sumptuous silk twill foulard in rich navy, bronze and muted greens is the epitome of the town and country look.

Foxes are usually recognised as the trickster but they can also be teachers and symbols of intelligence (particularly for the Celts) – they know their way through the deepest forest and similarly can lead a soul through the spirit world. 

This luxury silk foulard belongs to the ‘Enchanted Forest’ collection which is inspired by the symbolic creatures of the forests of England and Scotland.

Furious Goose silk squares come in gorgeous presentation boxes, so they can be kept in pristine condition.

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