Mercury, Pocket Square


A bold designer pocket square inspired by the hot and cold relationship between Mercury and the Sun

With directional pin-stripes split between the deep blue of space and the solar heat, this design brings a versatile focal point to both light and darker suits. The typographic hem is inscribed with planetary data for the ultimate in geek chic. For the more esoteric among us this is a great gift idea for Gemini and Virgo friends and comes in two options. Luxurious merino wool with a hand-rolled hem, and a smaller option with a neat machine hem in pure silk. 

25% OFF when you buy all 8 planets for an amazing, out of this world pocket square collection. Cost for the entire collection is £420 which is a £140 saving.


Mercury endures a complicated relationship with our Sun. It is bound in a complex dance with an erratic orbit which makes it seem to be tidally locked (showing only one side to the Sun). In fact Mercury slowly rotates around three times for every two times it revolves around the Sun but the effect on this tortured celestial body is the same. The planet’s day side is an incandescent 430ºC and the night side a bone-chilling -180ºC.

Merino Wool Pocket Square (42x42cm)

The larger option in 100% Italian merino wool is a generous pocket square that is big enough to create interesting folds, use as a small neckerchief or even to wrap around your favourite summer hat. 

It's woven with a luxurious wool which takes the colours beautifully and has a surprisingly soft texture. It also makes for a less shiny accessory than traditional silk for those who prefer more of an 'understated luxury' feel. The fabric is light and with its loose weave grips the pocket avoiding that annoying pocket square slippage! 

This wool pochette has the added luxury of hand-rolled hems which means that the stitching is invisible and the hem has an gorgeous look when shown in-pocket.

Silk Twill Pocket Square (30x30cm)

This pocket square is ideal for a smaller pocket or a particularly tight fitting jacket where you don't want to destroy the lines with a bulky pocket square. Although small it is perfectly formed from beautiful quality silk twill with a neatly double stitched hem. 

Large Merino Wool Scarf (100cm x 100cm)

These are beautiful scarves at 100cm size in the gorgeous Italian Merino Wool. The weave is loose meaning that there is a lovely translucent quality to the fabric. It's also lightweight and easy to throw round the neck but, being wool, it does actually keep you very warm. It's idea for wearing on a summer evening or with an outdoor coat in winter. 

Silk Twill Midi-Scarf (65cm x 65cm)

An in-between sized scarf for guys and girls it makes a perfect neckerchief. It's more of an every day scarf than the more voluminous full-sized version but just as special. And of course, being printed onto luxurious silk twill, the colours are delightful.

About the collection

The Planets is a collection of luxury pocket squares and scarves in pure silk and merino wool designed for those who look out into space and wonder. This is the ultimate in geek chic with planetary statistics running around the hem. Impress your friends with your knowledge, or buy the entire set and play Planetary Top Trumps. 

About the brand

Furious Goose is a luxury British accessories brand for those who dare to be different. Our motto is 'Dress like an aristocrat... Accessorise like an anarchist!"

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