Foxes – Sunrise, Pocket Square


As seen on Bake Off: The Professionals. A pocket square inspired by the English countryside and its most iconic of animals

42cm x 42cm – Silk Twill – Hand-rolled Hems

This pocket square is psychedelically bright in a rainbow of colours and with a furious pink base. 

Two fantastic and fabulous foxes fight in a forest of chestnut trees. Some love them, some loathe them but these foxes are more preoccupied with preening their extraordinary tails than with eating chickens.

Foxes are usually recognised as the trickster but they can also be teachers and symbols of intelligence (particularly for the Celts) – they know their way through the deepest forest and similarly can lead a soul through the spirit world. 

This pochette belongs to the Enchanted Forest collection which takes inspiration from the woodlands and forests of the UK.

This designer pocket square is 42cm x 42cm allowing you to really play with this luxury accessory achieving fantastic pocket square folds. It is large enough to wear as a neckerchief or even to wrap round your favourite summer hat. We have finished our pocket squares with great care and a hand-rolled hem. This gives our squares a luxury look and feel and that classic chunky and distinctive edge.

Our pocket squares come in branded presentation cases so they can be kept in pristine condition.

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